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If a camera lens or an item of sound equipment was being consistently damaged on set, you’d naturally step in to find out why and what you could do to stop it happening. We think nothing about putting measures in place to protect equipment. But we are often more hesitant to call out negative behaviours which impact the wellbeing of our cast and crew. That’s why Directors UK is pleased to support the ‘Call It!’ team on the development of this app. The vital data gathered by the app allows issues on productions to be dealt with in real time, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be treated fairly at work. By protecting our most precious resource, people, we can ensure they remain in the industry and continue to make incredible, creative work.

Directors UK

The Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity is excited about the possibility of working with the team behind ‘Call It’, the new film and TV bullying and harassment app. We see this as potentially being an important contribution in tackling issues around bullying, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that are in the media industry. We see a real opportunity to develop our understanding of how these behaviours manifest in the unduly and developing policies to combat them. That all rests on understanding the scale of the problem which this app aims to deliver.

The Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity

I applaud the simplicity and innovation behind this app. All born from a strong will to make a positive difference in an industry build on making dreams come true. It’s important to WANT to make it safe for artistic expression at work. We have an opportunity to redeem our reputation as an industry, to once again set the cultural and societal tone that hopes and dreams are alive and well in Film and TV.

Film and TV Actor

That it can be used to report any instance of bullying or harassment without naming and shaming individuals is brilliant. The app will make sure the scale of the problem is clear and, therefore, action will have to be taken. I really think the app has the potential to be an industry game-changer.

Make-up Designer, TV and Commercials

We all recognise that our industry needs to do more to stamp out bullying and harassment. This ‘Call it’ app is important work and part of a useful toolkit to make our film and television industry safer and fairer for all.

Production Guild

This is unbelievable! Game changing.

TV Writer/Producer

Looking after a wide range of freelance talent as we do here at Sara Putt Associates we are delighted to support the development of the Call It App.  We believe it has the potential to be a vital part of the jigsaw ensuring that sets, locations and production offices are a truly safe and healthy place to work.

Sara Putt, Sara Putt Associates

The anonymity this app provides shifts the balance of power in an industry where too many people have felt powerless and unvalued for too long. Anonymity = power. Data = power. The many callers we’ve supported via our Bullying Pathway Service since its launch in March have shared their stories of bullying and harassment and the long-lasting, traumatic effect it has had on their mental health. I wish they’d had access to an app like this the day it happened to them. Many things need to change in order to truly change the culture and behaviours in our industry. The Call It! app is an innovative tool that is part of that big picture. It’s quick and easy to use, created by industry insiders who know what actually works on the ground.

Lucy Tallon, Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Film and TV Charity

UK TIME’S UP is delighted to welcome this new app which aligns perfectly with our plans for an independent standards body, which will offer professional advice and a safe space to anyone in the Film, Television, Theatre and Music industry concerning current or historic harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or assault. We will be delighted to sign post to Call It! as part of this service provision.

Dame Heather Rabbatts, Chair, UK TIME’S UP

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