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What if you could ask every worker every day,

"How were you treated at work?"

Monitor and prevent bullying, harassment and all forms of discrimination in the workplace

Support your team by signposting discreet, confidential mental health support services at partner organisations


Increase productivity at work and decrease absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover by supporting staff and freelancers’ mental health and wellbeing

Support to Report: facilitating easy access to formal, confidential Dignity at Work policies and procedures

Engender collective and individual accountability for bullying, harassment and all forms of discrimination

Raise standards by calling out instances of bullying and harassment across your industry and community

Be part of the solution, improving the day-to-day experiences of your workforce

Change behaviours that are damaging your industry and its workers


Make your business the best place to work!


When you set up an account with Call It!, your workers will have free access to an entirely anonymised app to record their daily treatment via a simple traffic-light system and make a note of any incidents of workplace bullying and harassment.


Your live dashboard will show you how many green, amber and red lights are recorded each day, week, month and for the duration of the project, plus you can access the data regarding any workplace bullying and harassment.  The information is there to facilitate your best practice leadership and project management.  Call It! is your all-important canary in the coal mine, prompting action and early intervention and empowering you with information. 


We believe everyone wants to be treated well and to treat people well.  After all, protecting workers’ mental health and wellbeing is good for business, offering a £5 return for every £1 spent (Deloitte).  

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